Unrest in Sheen
Debut February 1, 2011
Last Appearance July 22, 2011

Unrest in Sheen was a segment on Red Eye. It was used whenever the show covered Charlie Sheen's drug-fueled meltdown during early 2011. When Sheen faded out of the news cycle during late Spring, Unrest in Sheen became increasingly rare and eventually disappeared.

The graphic was re-purposed multiple times; Examples include:

  • Unrest in Sheen
  • Unrest in Bynes
  • Unrest in Cyrus (On the social breakdown of Miley Cyrus)
  • Unrest in Rodman (On the subject of Dennis Rodman and his ties with North Korea.)
  • Unrest in Christie (on the subject of the Chris Christie "Bridgegate" scandal.)
  • Unrest in Seattle (on the subject the Seahawks were banning tickets from California during a playoff game)
  • Unrest in Mars (On the subject that a Utah man was leaving his [second] family to man an expedition to Mars)
  • Unrest in Clowns (In the February 19, 2014 Episode, Greg and Staff highlighted the decline of entries into Clown College.)
  • Unrest in Piers (In the February 25, 2014 Episode, in the aftermath of the announcement that CNN was cancelling the Piers Morgan show)
  • Unrest in Sterling (In the April 30, 2014 Episode, after news broke that Donald Sterling was banned for life from the NBA. One note of humor, Greg Gutfeld announced it was "Day 37 of...")
  • Unrest in Godzilla (In the May 3, 2014 Episode, in discussion of the Japanese fan complaints of the portrayal of the new Godzilla. According to Gutfeld, it was Year 60 of Unrest in Godzilla.)
  • Unrest in Bieber (in the revelation of the loser's racist remarks in his recording outtakes) [Episode: June 9, 2014]

When re-purposed, the word "Sheen" was crossed out on the graphic and the substituted word appeared in overlay. Early in the concept, the previous substituted word was also crossed out.