Tom O'Connor
Full Name Thomas O'Connor
Birthdate December 31, 1981
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation Associate Producer, Announcer
First Appearance 2009
IMDb Page link
Twitter @tommyoconnor

Tom O'Connor is a producer on Red Eye. In this capacity, he does many things for the show. He serves as the show's announcer, providing all of the voice overs for the Halftime Report Sponsors and introductions of various segments. He appears on camera occasionally, sometimes during Bill Schulz's Man on the Street and as Red Eye's sketch artist; he once also appeared as Red Eye's soccer correspondent. He also is a writer on the show and beginning in April of 2012, wrote the guest introductions that Greg Gutfeld read at the top of the show, though many of these continued to be fan-submitted. These were eliminated on October 22, 2013.

O'Connor would fill in for Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy or Bill Schulz on the Podcasts if any of them were absent and currently was a main cast member of Not LIVE! With Lauren, Bill & Tom. He also hosted a Man on the Street segment on October 26, 2009.

O'Connor played baseball at Georgetown University for four seasons, 2001-2004 as a right-handed pitcher. His statistics for the '01 season are unavailable, but from '02-'04, he appeared in 22 games, started seven of them and accumulated a 1-4 record with a 8.00 ERA; he did not register an at bat. O'Connor continues to play baseball in a local adult league.

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