Schulz on the Street
Debut 2007
Last Appearance September 30, 2013

Schulz on the Street was a recurring segment on Red Eye showcasing host Greg Gutfeld's sidekick and regular Red Eye panelist Bill Schulz. In this segment, also called Man on the Street or M.O.S., Schulz took to the streets of New York City, usually outside the Fox News building, and asked people walking by about an offbeat topic. Topics chosen were usually pop-culture related events or minor news stories. Many of the people interviewed by Schulz were tourists with a limited (or completely absent) grasp of English who didn't know what he was talking about. Until July, 2007, it was known as Bill on the Street.

Occasionally, he was sent out to discuss a major news story, such as interviewing protestors at the Occupy Wall Street movement during the late summer of 2011. During this segment, one protestor -- who apparently watches Red Eye -- recognized Schulz and informed the other protestors that he was with Fox News. This caused the protestors to block the camera and turn filming into an impossibility.

While filming a segment on November 14, 2012, Schulz and the Red Eye location crew were kicked out of Rockefeller Center, where they were filming. As Rockefeller Center is the headquarters of NBC, they did not take very kindly to a rival network filming a segment there.

Schulz on the Street showed up on Red Eye every once in a while. It tended to appear in spurts, where it would be used semi-frequently for a few weeks and then disappear for another few weeks. These packages were produced by Tom O'Connor, who appeared in them from time to time. In one such appearance, the former college pitcher trained Schulz to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a game U.S. Cellular Field in 2009. O'Connor hosted a segment on October 26, 2009, where he covered a yoga competition. In addition, Andy Levy was sent to Comic Con 2012, and this M.O.S. segment aired on October 18.

The final Schulz on the Street segment aired on September 30, 2013, about a month before Schulz' departure from Red Eye.