Red Eye Robots
Debut 2009
Last Appearance 2012

The Red Eye Robots are 3D animated characters available at, a web site where users can create their own videos using these characters and text-to-speech technology. Red Eye uses a character set called "Beigez" for their videos and always use one of two music cues titled "Romantic 1" and "Romantic 2."

The Robots had their own segment -- Red Eye Robot Theater. It was a common segment when it debuted, but fizzled out after a few months. More often, the Robots were used to reply to viewer E-Mails or read E-Mail questions to guests such as Father Jonathan Morris. Red Eye once used a Robot as a guest, "Robot Andrew Sullivan," a left-wing blogger obsessed with Sarah Palin. shut down in June of 2013, but the Red Eye Robots had not been used for some time before that.