Red Eye Election Day Special
Airdate November 1, 2010
Panel Dane Loesch
Pat Caddell
Ann Coulter
Bill Schulz
Juan Williams
Run Time 60 Minutes

The Red Eye Election Day Special covered the 2010 mid-term elections. All of the guest panelists that day were political commentators; two of them were conservative and two were liberal. Poking fun at the overly-serious news programs that covered the elections, Greg Gutfeld introduced himself as: "I'm Brit Hume" while opening the show; coming back from each break, he reintroduced himself as: "I'm Trappe Summers."

This was one of the few shows to use the Halftime-Ish Report instead of the Halftime Report. Juan Williams made his lone Red Eye appearance on this episode, while Dana Loesch made her second and final appearance.

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