Post-Game Wrap-Up
Debut February 5, 2007
Last Appearance September 5, 2013

The Post-Game Wrap-Up was a daily segment on Red Eye, always appearing in the final block of the show.

Originally, Post-Game functioned exactly the same as the Halftime Report, where the show's ombudsman, Andy Levy, appeared to correct statements made in the second half of the shows by the show's guest panelists and host Greg Gutfeld. At some point circa 2007, this practice was eliminated in favor of Levy asking the guests parting questions, usually to plug something.

On June 3, 2013, the Post-Game Wrap-Up was extended significantly. It became much more similar to the original version, where Levy corrects the panel. However, the new Post-Game now covers the entire episode and the Halftime Report was eliminated. In August, Levy began appearing on the panel regularly and very rarely served as ombudsman during this time frame; when he was on the panel, both the Pregame and Post-Game Reports were not given. These changes were monumentally unpopular amongst fans and the new Post-Game Report, along with the Pregame Report, were eliminated in early September. The final Post-Game Report was presented by Tom Shillue on a show where Levy guest-hosted.