Debut March 20, 2009
Last Appearance February 8, 2013

Pinch is a talking New York Times newspaper who appeared at the beginning of Red Eye. Voiced by Bill Schulz, Pinch -- who is named after longtime New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger who also had that nickname -- is a caricature of the left-wing journalists employed by the times. Originally, he didn't have a name and was simply referred to as the New York Times Correspondent or Timsey. He was given the name Pinch on March 25.

In March, 2011, Porch was introduced as Pinch's intern. He was quickly phased out, but made a comeback the following summer.

Pinch's appearances ceased after the episode taped on August 10, 2012. That episode was preempted and broadcast on August 13. He returned on December 3 of that year at the behest of fans Greg Gutfeld spoke with on his book tour promoting The Joy of Hate. During Pinch's return engagement, Gutfeld expressed displeasure with Pinch's presence, as did Andy Levy when he guest hosted. It was decided that Pinch would appear only on Fridays, this arrangement was instituted on January 25, 2013. It didn't last very long, as Pinch's final episode was February 8, just two weeks later.

Only two people have voiced Pinch other than Schulz: Dana Vachon on April 7, 2011 & Greg Gutfeld on December 19, 2011.