Mike Spasiuk
Birthdate March 23
Occupation Production Assistant
First Appearance 2012
Last Appearance July 25, 2013
IMDb Page link
Twitter @bionicelbow

Mike Spasiuk is a media desk production assistant at Fox News and Fox Business. He occasionally plays bit roles on Red Eye. He made his first appearance as a "Local Third Grader" in 2012. His picture is used when Tom O'Connor announces that Red Eye guests stay with "Greg's neighbor, Carl."

In the August 24, 2013 Episode, Spasiuk appeared as the doctor of Victor Roberts at the time of his questionable death.

He left Fox News in August, 2013 to work for the WWE.

London Olympics CorrespondentEdit

Spasiuk's most notable role came during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he served as the show's "London Olympics Correspondent." Introduced with a different name each day -- such as "Mike St. Michaels," "Mike Michaelsong," "Mike Michaelbaum" or "Mike Michaelzewski" -- Mike would field questions from host Greg Gutfeld (or guest host Andy Levy) about a news item surrounding the Olympics. He would begin each response with "Thanks, Greg," even when Levy was hosting. Due to a "small satellite delay," Mike would stare at the camera smiling for a few seconds before replying. None of his answers were particularly in depth; when Gutfeld or Levy pressed him for more information, he would end the segment by saying, "That's it from London. Back to you, Greg!"

Supposedly live from London, these segments were taped in Red Eye's office. Spasiuk was sitting in front of a computer monitor with a picture of something either Olympic- or London-related on it. One time, the picture was the Leaning Tower of Pisa. During another segment, Andy Levy walked into frame to pick something up from the printer.

Spasiuk appeared in this capacity nine times.

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