Mike Baker
Full Name Michael Baker
Birthdate February 9
Birthplace England
Occupation Businessman
First Appearance 2007
IMDb Page link
Twitter @MBCompanyMan

Mike Baker is a former CIA operative. He is also the founder and president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm. At the open of each show Baker appears on, host Greg Gutfeld often refers to different, unrelated products that Diligence supposedly manufactures, such as leg warmers, tennis racquets and caramel apples.

Baker is the most frequent fill-in for Andy Levy as Red Eye's ombudsman, becoming known for various charts supposedly counting all correct, incorrect and questionable replies that the panelists have offered, as well as following how the show has fared among viewers throughout the course of the episode. (As Red Eye tapes in advance, these are all fabricated). This chews up much of the Halftime Report's block, at times visibly frustrating host Greg Gutfeld (or guest host Andy Levy). He has guest hosted the show, as well.

Baker now appears much less frequently than he did in the past. He relocated to Idaho, but is invited on the show whenever he's in New York City.

Mike was one of many individuals who guest hosted Red Eye while Fox News searched for a replacement for longtime host, Greg Gutfeld.

He was born in England and holds dual citizenship.

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