Messages From Mom
Last Appearance 2011

Messages From Mom was a segment on Red Eye that featured the shows Senior Correspondent, Jackie Gutfeld, the mother of the show's host, Greg Gutfeld. In this segment, voice messages for Greg sent by his mother were played while video of Mrs. Gutfeld played. This video was acquired when Fox News sent a camera man out to Mrs. Gutfeld's home in San Mateo, California for a biography piece that Claudia Cowan for Mother's day; it aired May 11, 2007. In addition to this segment, Mrs. Gutfeld would often speak with her son live on the air.

Mrs. Gutfeld's last appearance was a live call-in on September 12, 2011, on Greg's birthday. Beginning around 2011, Greg had begun to state that his mother's health wasn't as strong as it was in the past and that Mrs. Gutfeld would no longer call in to the show. She passed away on May 24, 2014.

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