Lori Rothman
Birthdate July 9, 1973
Birthplace California
Occupation News Anchor
First Appearance April 12, 2011
Last Appearance January 27, 2014
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Twitter @lorirothman

Lori Rothman is a news anchor on the Fox Business network and a frequent guest panelist on Red Eye. She also was a fill-in on Not LIVE! With Lauren, Bill & Tom, subbing for Lauren Sivan when she was absent.

Rothman hasn't appeared on Red Eye since January 27, 2014. During this episode, panelist Penn Jillette belittled her for claiming that she'd save her dogs in a house fire. Jillette went on and on, visibly upsetting Rothman. Dan Bova, the other guest panelist that night, also hasn't been back since, although he was never on as frequently as Rothman was.