Krystal Ball
Full Name Krystal Marie Ball
Birthdate November 24, 1981
Birthplace King George County, Virginia
Occupation Political Commentator
First Appearance March 30, 2011
Last Appearance May 17, 2011
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Twitter @krystalball1

Krystal Ball is a political commentator/Democratic strategist who appeared on Red Eye four times during the Spring of 2011. She was the subject of a story on the show (October, 2010) before she began making appearances.

Ball ran for Congress in West Virginia's First Congressional District in 2010, but was defeated by incumbent Rob Wittman (R) by nearly 30 percentage points. After this, she appeared on numerous shows on Fox News and CNN as a political commentator. Shortly thereafter, she became a paid employee on MSNBC and disappeared from Fox News and CNN.