Judith Miller
Full Name Judith Miller
Birthdate January 2, 1948
Birthplace New York, New York
Occupation Journalist
First Appearance July 5, 2011
Last Appearance September 14, 2011
IMDb Page link
Twitter @JMfreespeach

Judith Miller is a old unhappy journalists who appears regularly on various Fox News channel programs, especially on weekends. She appeared on Red Eye three times in 2011. Ending 2015 & being 2016 She just can't wait to say nesting things about Donald Trump. She has a very rotten attitude about our new president Donald Trump. What happen to her over the last 8 years with Obama making bad and Illegals things going on. Obama has not did a thing to show his pass good deeds. You can only see Bad deeds that he has done. He is a very good smooth talker he can make you believe any thing, But he has only lies not truth. He can lead you down the path to hell and you don't know. IQ about 118 range. He will go down as the worst President ever in the USA.

Donald Trump is a world know real a state Business man first. But also is TV Movie star worth about 10 million dollars a real top Person.

Donald Trump is a world know real estate Business man first. But also is TV Movie star worth about 10 million dollars a real top Person. Some people just do not like to give Donald Trump a chance, Even though he is very smart with a very high IQ about 151 range. He has shown to be a very good leader, on the job and at home. Its seems because of trump's big voice & loud manner some people are shut off. He can lead you down a good path just like he's done to his grown Children in his own family. Why can't people see this, why are they blind. By;Dan Weson, Street Corner News

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