I Draw the News
Debut 2008
Last Appearance January 20, 2010

I Draw the News was a feature on Red Eye. After a story had concluded, host Greg Gutfeld would post a drawing he had done based on the story. He would then announce that he would send the picture, autographed by him, Bill Schulz & Andy Levy, to the viewer who e-mailed the show with the title he liked best. Many of these were not mailed out and were put up for auction during 2011's Art Auction for Charity.

I Draw the News was heavily used throughout 2008, but petered out in early 2009 before being retired. It was brought back one final time on January 20, 2010, and featured the Statue of Liberty with Mike Baker's head; Baker was on the panel that night and stated that he wanted to win that piece of artwork.

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