Gavin McInnes
Full Name Gavin Miles McInnes
Birthdate July 17, 1970
Birthplace Hitchin, England
Occupation Writer, Musician, Comedian
First Appearance October 10, 2011
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Twitter @Gavin_McInnes

Gavin McInnes is a writer/musician/comedian who has frequently appeared on Red Eye since the Fall of 2011. He made his debut as guest ombudsman on June 15, 2012 and also served as guest sidekick once, on May 1, 2012. He guest hosted for the first time on May 20, 2014, making him only the third person to serve as host, sidekick and ombudsman. (Andy Levy and Sherrod Small are the other two.)

On July 25, 2012, McInnes portrayed his "father," "Jimmy Mcinnes," for the entire show. Dressed in a loud tartan jacket and tam, McInnes spoke with a very thick -- and sometimes intentionally incomprehensible -- Scottish brogue and lost his temper at the drop of a hat. The Red Eye crew liked this so much, that they had "Jimmy" serve as guest ombudsman the following Monday.

On August 10, 2012 he played his "brother," "Miles McInnes," a stereotypical left-winger with a vendetta against Fox News. That episode was preempted and broadcast for the first time on August 13. He has not portrayed either character since 2013.

McInnes was born in United Kingdom, but his family moved to Canada when he was four years old.

In the wake of Andrew Breitbart's death in 2012, McInnes began selling T-Shirts with the phrase "SO?" on them with all of the proceeds being donated to Breitbart's family.