Eric Bolling
Full Name Eric T. Bolling
Birthdate March 2, 1963
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Television Host, Political/Financial Commentator
First Appearance March 12, 2009
Last Appearance September 25, 2009
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Eric Bolling is a political/financial commentator on the Fox Business network and is also a co-host on The Five. He appeared on Red Eye four times as a guest panelist in 2009.

Bolling saved the life of fellow The Five star Bob Beckel on October 13, 2011. While at a restaurant with some Fox News brass, Beckel began choking; Bolling gave Beckel the Heimlich maneuver.

Before his television career, he was a commodities trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange, later serving on their Board of Directors for five years.

Eric played minor league baseball in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. An infielder, he played in three games with the Gulf Coast League Pirates in 1984 before a torn rotator cuff ended that endeavor. He went 3-11 with one walk, a triple and five RBI.

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