Dino Costa
Birthdate c. 1964
Occupation Radio Host
First Appearance April 25, 2013
Last Appearance April 25, 2013

Dino Costa hosts The Dino Costa Show in SiriusXM Radio. He appeared on Red Eye on April 25, 2013, just after the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. On this show, Costa posited a bizarre conspiracy theory about the bombings that was a point of contention; panelist Michael Moynihan, who was seated next to Costa, was visibly amused by this -- writing it off as garbage -- while guest host Tom Shillue was very confused. Costa and ombudsman Andy Levy had an exchange during Halftime which seemed to anger Costa in which Levy referred to the main, and seemingly only, source of Costa's conspiracy story as a crackpot. This exchange lasted nearly four minutes and Levy only got through one story during the Halftime Report.

Greg Gutfeld returned on the next episode and made reference to Costa's conspiracy theory thusly:

"When something like a terror act happens, we all ... read and read and read and we all become the experts. And you have people, for example-- and I don't mean questioning the FBI and the CIA. I'm talking about idiots that question the actual bombing. Like that guy that you guys had on Thursday night, on Red Eye, who-- what was that?! I don't know how he snuck in."

Costa is considered among the worst guests in the show's history.

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