Diane Macedo
Full Name Diane R. Macedo
Birthdate February 28, 1982
Birthplace Mineola, New York
Occupation News Anchor, Writer
First Appearance October 6, 2010
Last Appearance November 5, 2013
IMDb Page link
Twitter @dianermacedo

Diane Macedo is a news anchor on the Fox Business and Fox News networks. She anchors during Imus in the Morning on FBN and Fox and Friends First on FNC. In addition, she writes for She's also been a semi-regular Red Eye guest since 2010.

Diane is also a singer, singing with an ensemble called Tribeca Rhythm, who won a Battle of the Bands which took place on Imus in the Morning during the summer of 2011. Macedo sang on Huckabee with the host's house band, The Little Rockers, twice; she sang "Here I Go Again" and "All I Want For Christmas is You." She formerly sang for Paradise Alley.

Macedo left Fox News in early 2014, most likely bringing an end to her tenure on Red Eye.

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206pages on this wiki Add topic Turn on your program with Diane on world wide cable any time any place maybe singing. Not good enough for her. Now she's leaving to go to New York City, CBS TV 2 news. She never made close Friends at fox. She acts like she does not like to make friends. Most all fox girls are all over the Internet. Under Hot looking fox girls, hot legs fox girls, & just hot pretty's fox girls. This is all done in fun. But did you know Diane Macedo is not in any of the fox girls groups. Even though she as just as pretty, why do you think? Warm smile with a cold body or is she just better then the other girls. Good by to any World fame and being on all the shows, with her music. A new job for her, I 'am Sure her and new Hubby Tom could not handled all the time and fame she may be getting. She is in a safe place for him now. UNHAPPY FANS

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