1,000th Episode
Airdate June 14, 2011
Panel Lauren Sivan
Ann Coulter
Bill Schulz
Rob Long
Run Time 60 Minutes

Red Eye's 1,000th Episode aired on June 14, 2011. The show opened not with the standard Red Eye logo, but with a videotaped message of congratulations from Bill O'Reilly; Red Eye favorite Jim Norton -- who was on the panel the previous night -- also offered a taped congratulation later in A Block.

A discussion of the milestone event was the lead story that night, complete with a Schulz on the Street segment featuring Fox News personalities feigning ignorance as to what Red Eye is and everyday people who either did not like Red Eye or had never heard of it. Bill Schulz proclaimed after the Man on the Street segment had concluded: "This is a huge show, not because of this episodic thing that you keep talking about. This is the first time my Man on the Street has been the lead story, Greg!"

When asked, "The first time you watched this show, you hated it, didn't you?" by Greg Gutfeld, Ann Coulter replied: "Intensely. The first six months, I almost watched it the same way today I watch MSNBC. And then, it grew on me and I can't miss it now." Gutfeld then likened Red Eye to a "horrible, incurable fungus."

After moving on to normal stories after the lead, attention turned back to the milestone event during E Block. There was a brief section featuring the Red Eye Robots introducing a montague of Halftime Report Sponsors. After this, a number of Tweets that fans had submitted in reply to being asked how they would celebrate the 1,000th episode.

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