"Red Eye" Remembers Andrew Breitbart
Airdate March 1, 2012
Panel Kurt Loder
Ann Coulter
Andy Levy
Bill Schulz
Thaddeus McCotter
Allen Covert
Larry O'Connor
Ben Shapiro
Run Time 60 Minutes

"Red Eye" Remembers Andrew Breitbart was a special episode produced on the day of Andrew Breitbart's unexpected passing. All of the panelists were friends of Breitbart's or worked with him. One panelist -- Ben Shapiro -- made his Red Eye debut on this episode.

Most of the show's regular schtick was not present, including Bill Schulz' title of "Repulsive Sidekick," Pinch and the Leg Chair. In addition, this episode had no special segments, such as the Halftime Report or Lightning Round.

This episode featured host Greg Gutfeld and the panel discussing their favorite memories of their fallen friend. Going into each commercial break, a video clip of one of Breitbart's appearances on Red Eye were played, including the time he spilled superballs all over the table and the time he poured water down his pants.

This episode was rerun twice, as the following two Saturday reruns.